Why Catalogue Printing is Here to Stay

Why Catalogue Printing is Here to Stay

Catalogues are a great bridge between print and digital

What do we mean by this? Well, getting something into the hands of a passer by is a great way to break that initial contact barrier. A crowd of busy commuters on the way to work may well skip straight by a billboard promoting a particular website, however, when something physical is dropped into their hands then it can really grab their attention. Catalogues can then be used to steer people towards other forms of content, be it websites, videos, social media accounts or anything else. 

People engage with catalogues in a more meaningful way 

People appreciate the quality of a well made catalogue and the effort that goes into making them. For the most part, audiences engage with these print products on a more significant level than a typical web page or billboard because of this craftsmanship. Even the physical feel plays a part in shaping the reader’s interest. By using texture, for example, you can add an element that makes your content unique and appealing. 

You can show off design skills

There’s no harm is flaunting what you’ve got. Catalogues provide a great opportunity for businesses of all shapes and sizes to show off their design skills. Whether it’s a clever layout that draws the reader’s eye, sharp imaging or witty words that really convey brand messaging, you’ll be glad to hear that this is the perfect medium for demonstrating exactly what you can do. Be sure to get off on the right foot by choosing a colour palette that matches your tone of voice and company mission. Stuck for ideas? Speak to a friendly design team about putting together quality catalogues that will make you like an expert. 

Can entice more buyers with a snapshot of your product

Not everything that you have to offer needs to be front and centre. This is a good thing because it means that you can use your best content or favourite images to present readers with a snapshot of your brand. From there, encourage them to view more online or subscribe to a monthly print magazine. Effective marketing is all about getting your brand in front of people and catalogues are a great way of doing that. 

An affordable option when printed in bulk

Catalogues are a cheap form of advertising that go a long way towards driving sales. The news gets better because the more you order, the cheaper they become. It all comes down to the volume of production and how worthwhile it is for the printing company. This is great for a few reasons as you’ll end up saving money and also have the scope to reach a larger amount of people. That’s a win-win in our book.   

Our catalogue printing experts

We can help if you are in the market for standout catalogues that really make a difference to your business. At Half Price Printing, we understand that print materials are a crucial part of marketing and want to ensure that everyone has access to a reliable and professional service when they need it.