Interesting Facts About Commercial Print Equipment

Interesting Facts About Commercial Print Equipment

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The printer

It’s safe to say that not much printing would get done without the printer itself. So that’s why we’ve started with the most important piece of equipment. Commercial printing can involve everything from traditional offset printers that use aluminium plates for inking to state-of-the-art digital machines that utilise the latest technology. Interestingly, the latter involves no direct contact with the printing surface. Instead, computer-controlled ink jets spray specific amounts of ink onto a page to form images, patterns and words. Digital printers also create less environmental impact. Pretty cool, right?

Cutting equipment

Good results depend on good cutting. So, think less wonky sides and more crisp finishes that make a real difference. This is where commercial cutting equipment comes in and it can take several different forms. Usually, what you use will depend on the task at hand. Working on business cards? You’ll want a hydraulic cutter. Cutting letters and designs from adhesive backed vinyl? You’ll want a vinyl cutter. Regardless of the best fit, it’s interesting to note that cutting equipment is one of the things that commercial printers use the most. Nearly every page that’s produced will find its way towards a row of sharp blades before it's ready for delivery.

Binding machines

Binding machines get things done, and by get things done we mean put things together. A good binding machine will attach pages into groups, add designs and also a cover to your content. These machines work by shaving down the binding edge of the book to allow the glue to provide better purchase. Then, the loose sheets are compiled and compressed into the adhesive which is clamped for setting. Binding equipment can utilise several different techniques, which can include saddle stitching, wire-o binding and spiral binding.  

Design software

Design software plays a big part in commercial printing but is often overlooked. Basically, you’ll need it to operate smoothly when it comes to the digital printing side of things. Like most equipment, the software that’s right for your business will depend on the type of work that usually comes your way. If you are dealing with complex 3D projects, then high-level design software may be necessary. Alternatively, there’s nothing wrong with simpler programs for basic documents and content. 

Fun fact: with the right software, you can print in just about any material, even ceramics, wood and titanium. 

The equipment that you need

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