How to Choose Your Brand Colours

How to Choose Your Brand Colours

Colours spark emotion

It’s no secret that humans are deeply emotional. From the moment we are born our brains begin forming connections with the things around us and processing information based on how we feel. A strong colour may create fear or distress, while a soft, neutral one may nurture and calm. This understanding can be applied to the colours that you use for branding, as choosing the right ones can trigger certain emotions, and in turn create an association with your brand. 

First point of contact

Your brand colours act as the first point of contact that you have with an audience. Not sure what we mean? Well, consider what would best grab your attention. Bright, vibrant writing in a strong colour or something that’s printed in a subtle, soft tone of grey that’s hard to see. It’s likely that the former will strike more of an impression, which is something to think about when it comes to printing and self-promotion. Keep in mind, however, that going for strong colours isn’t always the best, particularly if everyone else is doing the same thing. 

Gender and age

Colour also has a big impact when it comes to gender and age. Interestingly, studies suggest that the two sexes identify with colours in different ways and are naturally drawn to some over others. As an example, dark blues and greens elicit a stronger response from men, while yellows and pinks appeal more greatly to women. When we talk about age, babies are thought to enjoy looking at blue, red, orange and purple, with these preferences changing over time. These are by no means conclusive findings, however, they do present something to think about when it comes to choosing brand colours that will work best with a particular audience. 

Using this information

The above information points to the importance of thinking about brand colours when it comes to printing and advertising. If you’re targeting women of a certain age group, then using softer colours that are warm in nature may be your best bet. Alternatively, strong blues and greens could help you to identify with a masculine readership. You’ll also want to factor age into the equation, thinking about what will work best according to research and your own understanding. Finally, it’s important to be yourself and to choose a set of brand colours that will help you to stand out from the crowd. You’ll also want to have plenty of fun along the way to ensure that the process is meaningful and worthwhile. 

Printing experts for your brand

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