How to design amazing menus

How to design amazing menus

  • Graphics
  • Pictures are an important part of any menu and will go a long way towards drawing the eye. Pay particular attention to the front of your menu and incorporate visuals that reflect the type of establishment that you own. For example, elegant illustrations may suit formal restaurants while photos showcasing each dish may work well in busy cafes and diners. At the same time take care not to overcrowd your design. When it comes to photos, be selective and show off only your most popular offerings. The same applies to other prints and images, with less being more in a lot of cases.    

  • Typography
  • Typeface is an integral aspect of menu design and comes down to two factors, aesthetics and readability. In other words, there’s no point going with a font that looks immaculate if your customers can’t actually read it. So, be sure to balance your selection based on how easy it is to understand and how good it looks. Basic print will tick all the right boxes on modern menus, while cursive writing will add a touch of charm and elegance to others. Be sure to take into account the nature of your business when making decisions relating to font for best results. 

  • Layout
  • Aim for a clean design that is easy to follow and your guests will be well served. Menus that are cluttered can be difficult to read and may leave people overwhelmed by choice. Similarly, menus that are too long don’t do anyone any favours. Focus on minimising distractions and presenting your items in an appealing way. Incorporate numbers or dot points for easy scanning and structure things logically, going from entrees and appetisers to main meals and desserts. 

    Tip: White space can help to break up lengthy blocks of text that can be difficult to read. 

  • Colour
  • Never underestimate the impact of colour. Whether it’s a book, a brochure or a menu, colour plays a big role in how people respond to and interact with a printed document. This is especially true for restaurants or cafes that want to build a level of ambience that fits with their style and service. Use warm, earthy coloured paper to create a rustic feel and opt for crisp white if you want to accentuate a modern, minimalist scene. 

    Professional menu design and printing 

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