About Us

We do what we know best

Welcome to the world of hpp!

Your one-stop shop for affordable, quality printing.  You will find a lot of products listed online to provide you with quick and easy instant quotes. If there's something you don't see listed, we will be more than happy to chat about your needs. You can email, talk on the phone or even come in and see us face-to-face.

It started with an idea…

Half Price Printing started when we noticed a gap in the printing industry. We found there was a “disconnection” with small to medium business having access to affordable quality printing. They were simply being charged way too much which put a squeeze on marketing budgets. At HPP we figured it was time to change things around. We decided to support small and medium business with their printing needs at a reasonable price.

Our success came with building relationships with those clients and providing a holistic approach to their printing needs, rather than just a once off. Staying connected and growing with our clients has been our greatest achievement.

Let’s get rid of the middleman shall we?

If you have enlisted the help of a print broker who isn't delivering what you had hoped, consider dealing with us directly.

Things like quality control or price hikes getting a bit out of control? When you choose hpp, you are dealing directly with the supplier. We communicate with you to find out what your exact needs are and get the job done!

Why Print With half Price Printing?

Cheap printing – You no longer need to max out your marketing budget with printing costs. Try our services. Half price printing offers cheap printing without compromising print quality or service. No matter what type of printing service you are after, you will get value for money! Just try us... click on one of our print products and see how cheap we are.
Order Online, Easy – Ordering your print job online has never been so easy. Now you can order all your printing needs in one place. With a vast list of products on offer, you can find what you need - fast! Register a profile online and track your orders for easy re-ordering. Take advantage of online only offers and save time. It's easy to see why people are choosing Half Price Printing.
Outstanding Service – With decades of experience in the printing industry, our committed professional and friendly team go out of their way to ensure you get the quality service you deserve. The term "cheap and nasty" doesn't apply to us. We don't compromise. Quality, reliability and customer service always have been, and always will be the central values of our business.
Amazing Quality – With the combination of state of the art technology, software and experience we provide the highest quality print for our customers. Whether it is printing using our high quality offset or digital methods, you will definitely see the difference with Half Price Printing!