The Power of Custom Corporate Calendars

The Power of Custom Corporate Calendars

Discover the enduring power of custom-branded calendars, offering year-round visibility for your business. Whether it's for your colleagues, staff, clients, customers, or potential clients, calendars are the perfect gift to leave a lasting impression.

Small Magnet Back Calendars: A more budget-friendly option
Our budget calendars feature a discreetly placed small magnet on the back. While not as robust as full magnet-back calendars, they can still be effortlessly secured to magnetic surfaces. If you're looking for a cost-effective calendar option that doesn't compromise the effectiveness of your message, these budget-friendly calendars are an excellent choice.
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Desk Tent Calendars: Compact and Convenient 
Perfect for smaller workspaces, our desk tent calendars provide a space-saving solution while ensuring you never miss an important date. These calendars are easy to set up as they are usually supplied flat with an interlocking system, and their portable nature makes them a versatile choice for offices, home desks, or even countertops.
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Desktop Flip Calendar: Monthly Organisation at Your Fingertips
Unlike the desk tent calendars that show the full year at a glance, our desktop flip calendars are a unique blend of style and functionality on a monthly basis. Wirebound on a sturdy triangular baseboard, these calendars allow you to effortlessly flip through pages, revealing a new month with a fresh design on each page. Stay organised with a touch of sophistication.
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Deskpad Calendar: Maximising Workspace Efficiency
These desk pads are more than just writing surfaces; they're multifunctional tools for productivity. It not only organises your schedule but also elevates the aesthetics of your desk.
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Full Back Magnet Calendars: Display Your Branding Elements with Convenience
Elevate anyone’s refrigerator or any magnetic surface with our full back magnet calendars. These high-quality calendars are backed with full magnets allowing for a secure grip onto magnetic surfaces. They're not just for your clients to keep track of dates but they also provide daily / yearly branding.
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Wall Flip Calendar (Saddle Stitched)
You may choose a calendar that has saddle stitched which provides an A3 back to back view of what is on the page. You may choose this for a seamless flow to your design. These are usually drilled at the top to hang on a thumbnail or nail in the wall. Hang them on your office wall or at home to plan ahead and keep track of important events, holidays, and milestones.
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Wall Flip Calendar (Wirebound)
Our wirebound wall flip calendar is as stylish as it is functional. Featuring a unique hook and wire system, you can easily flip the pages, making it a one-sided calendar that stays securelyhung up. Need even more flexibility? Flip it to two-sided mode. This calendar adds a touch of professionalism to any workspace, making it perfect for offices, conference rooms, or home use.
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Yearly Planner Calendar
Stay ahead with our A1 Yearly Planner Calendar – perfect for your staff room, office or boardroom. Mark important dates with ease and boost brand loyalty with our branded calendars. A thoughtful gift for clients that's both practical and appreciated.
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Graphic Design Service
Half Price Printing has its own in-house graphic design team who can work with you to create your dream calendar (and any other product, too). Simply select this under the product's Artwork Options when you are customizing your product.

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