The latest brochure trends to dominate in 2020

The latest brochure trends to dominate in 2020

Here’s our forecast for brochure designs sure to dominate in 2020. 

Typography: Since it’s rise in popularity in 2014, Typography is here to stay. Better yet, illustrated typography that features a variety of fonts and visual elements are sure to become even more popular in the coming year. Aim to integrate elements of your company into your illustration and type, such as imagery of your product and or services amongst the bespoke type. 

Unique cuts: While a traditional rectangular shaped brochure is a sure winner, aim to stand out from the crowd with a memorable brochure that employs different shapes and/or cuts. Not only will this grab attention but will encourage recipients to take more time to engage with your brochure’s content. 

HD imagery: It’s becoming increasingly affordable to print high definition images on brochures, with vibrant colours and immaculate line work. Although brochures are somewhat ephemeral the first impression made by a high quality image and copy can add to your overall success, making them well worth the investment. Don’t settle for anything less but the best in 2020, cause your competitors won’t. No blurry lines or bleeding ink. 

Hand Drawn elements: 2020 will be the year of hand drawn elements whether that includes typography or illustration. Get ready to see more and more perfect yet imperfect line work all of which will add a sense of organic, natural creativity to your brochures. We also recommend ensuring that any printing with hand drawn elements be printed in high definition on card stock that won’t feather or bleed; Ensuring 100% image integrity.

Bright colours: Get ready to see brighter colours making up the bulk of brochures this year. While white is a simpler option that never fails, brighter colours will be more eye-grabbing and guide people towards brochures like a magnet. If a bright coloured background is too much for you, why not opt for a splash of colour in decals or simply use a brighter, colourful image as your brochure background. The printing possibilities are endless at Half Price Printing, so if you can dream it, we can print it. 

Dual Purpose and value : With more and more people being environmentally conscious in 2020, ensure that your brochure has a dual purpose that goes beyond being a simple hand out. It goes without saying that the brochure should provide value to the recipient with great content that’s engaging and informative, however, why not extend that sense of value by making the back of the brochure a poster or calendar that can be hung on a wall when unfolded. You can even do something interesting like creating a dart board pattern on the brochure; Or even provide an origami template that can be turned into a 3d piece of art that will sit on the recipients desk, reminding them of your business. No matter the idea, ensure that your brochure provides great value in 2020.

For more insights on the trends sure to make waves in 2020, get in touch with our team here at Half Price Printing. Our friendly staff are ready and able to make your ideal brochure a tangible reality with our unparalleled services. Contact us to find out more.