The History of Printing

The History of Printing

Early printing

Some of the earliest forms of printing stretch back as far as 3500 BCE when documents written in clay were certified with cylinder seals. Historians believe that this sort of work was carried out by the Persian and Mesopotamian civilisations. Woodblock printing wasn’t far behind and is thought to have originated in China. This process involved carving an image into a piece of wood and then covering it in ink before applying it to a piece of fabric. Different materials were used throughout history such as cloth, paper, stone and wood. One of the first books to be printed using the woodblock technique was the Diamond Sutra, which originated in China in 868 CE. Imagery was popular in early forms of printing because it was easily understood. Religious teachings in particular were commonly printed during this early period of development.

Mid stage printing

Printing techniques evolved throughout history to become more advanced and to provide greater output. In the 15th century, a German inventor named Johannes Gutenberg designed the first moveable printing press and is appropriately thought to be a crucial pioneer in the mass production of print material. Gutenberg’s process changed the practice throughout Europe and beyond because it offered a cheap alternative to the previously antiquated forms available. This breakthrough led the way for the development of the rotary press, offset printing and the linotype machine. As a result, the production of high volume printing on paper was made viable for people the world over.  

Modern printing

These days, printing has come a long way to include advancements that utilise ground breaking techniques. Laser technology developed by the Xerox Corporation meant that content for print could be generated electronically and set directly onto paper. Similarly, digital printing has brought with it sharper images and finer quality characters that are simple and easy to produce, even for people working from the comfort of their own home. There’s also 3D printing, with its amazing capacity to produce high definition results. Modern printing remains an exciting area that is constantly seeing changes and improvements to old and new processes alike. 

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