Calendar Product Range

  • Desktop Tent Calendars (Glued Base)
  • Desktop Tent Calendars (Interlocked Base)
  • Desktop Wire Bound Calendars
  • Wall Calendars (Wire Binding)
  • Wall Calendars (Saddle Stitched)
  • Fridge Calendars (Magnetic)


What better way to advertise your business in the new year than with our new 2017 range of calendars. Target your clients and network in the new year with our brand new range of printed calendars. We have templates available for each kind which you can customise to suit your business. Our designers can add your logos, themes and colours to make it suit your business. Alternatively, you can use our existing templates to design your own and supply it to us for print!

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Supply your own design and upload and order online
Order online and appoint one of our helpful designers to set it up for you.

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