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Letter Box Advertising

After high demand from our existing clientele, Half Price Printing is now capable of Australia-wide residential letterbox distribution. Letterbox distribution is one of the best & cost effective ways for small to medium businesses to reach out to the local or wider community. Not only is it cost effective means of getting your business name out there. It is also works! So now you can create a wonderful design, choose a suitable print and distribute to wherever you like all done for you under the one roof.

Half Price Printing utilise Australia’s leading residential letterbox distribution network run by Salmat, so you can be sure that every measure possible is in place to ensure your flyers are successfully delivered each and every time. With GPS and performance management audits of every single distribution round, you can be sure that your flyers are delivered and don’t end up at the local rubbish bin.

Simply tell us which suburbs you wish to distribute to. We will then advise of the number of houses in your selection and how many prints will be required. Choose the type of print you require from our options, and if required we can appoint a graphic designer design for you to design the flyers. Book it in and just wait for the results! It is as simple as that.

Kick start your business today and contact Half Price Printing for your next letterbox distribution.

It is recommended to contact us via email prior to placing an order for your printing as we can adjust the quantity to suit your distribution. Minimum amount for distribution is 10,000.

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