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About Us

Welcome to the world of hpp!

If you’re reading this, then you’re probably interested to know what hpp is all about. Well, you’ve come to the right place! Hopefully we can answer most of your questions about who we are here, but if not, not a worry. We will be more than happy to chat online, email, talk on the phone or even face-to-face. Unlike our competitors, we are not that shy.

It started with an idea…

hpp started out due to a gap in the printing industry. There was a “disconnection” with the small to medium business. The companies who were getting looked after were the corporates who would print volume, and the small to medium sized business were left out and were getting charged WAY to much! At hpp we figured it was time to change things around. We decided to look after the smaller fish. The reason were so successful is that we simply help the little fish become big fish and keep them on board. That is our philosophy. Rather than win one job and rip the customer off, we believe in relationships and working with companies for all their needs, rather than just a once off job. We like to stay connected and grow with our clients.

Let’s get rid of the middleman shall we.

Does printing often seem a bit difficult with your current suppliers? Things like, quality control, colour variances, price hikes getting more annoying. The list just goes on. The reason may be that you are actually dealing with a print broker or as we like to call it, middlemen . When you choose hpp, you are dealing directly with the supplier. No if’s or but’s about it. We are the print specialists and we are here for you – the customer. Our prices are low, we are very flexible, we communicate with you to find out what your exact needs are and get the job done! You are better off that way, rather than spending you’re budget directly into someone else’s pocket! We will manage you’re printing needs without a breeze.

Why Print With half Price Printing?

Cheap printing – You no longer need to max out your marketing budget with your printing costs. Try our services. Half price printing offers cheap printing without compromising print quality or service. No matter what type of printing service you are after you will get value for money! Just try us...Click on one of our print products and see how cheap we are.

Order Online, Easy – Ordering your print job has never been so easy. Now you can order all your printing needs online at the one place with the click of a button. When you order your printing online it is not only cheaper, you will be saving on time as well. Order all your printing online without even having to leave your office or home. Easy!

Outstanding Service – With over two decades of experience in the printing industry, our fully committed professional and friendly team go out of their way and work around the clock to ensure you get the quality service that you deserve. Just because our prices are cheap doesn’t mean we compromise on our service. Quality, reliability and customer service always have been, and always will be the central values of our business.

Amazing Quality – With the combination of state of the art technology, software and experience in the printing business we can provide the highest quality print for our customers all the time. Whether it is printed high quality offset or digitally printed you will definitely see the difference with half price printing!